Dear Valued Supplier,

If you need to access any technical content from Gas Power’s PowerPLM-GTCC application that is not found in your Supplier Technical Collaboration (STC) folder or obtain information related to Supplier Quality processes like Product Qualification processes, Supplier Deviation Requests (SDRs), or qualifications, please contact your Buyer or Sourcing/Supply Chain representative to request these documents or instructions on the process to follow.  Some examples of documents that you may need the buyer to add to your STC folder would be P28A-AL-0002, D50A159 or P23E-AL-0255. If you need to request access to the GE Gas Power Sourcing Tools, you will need a GE Business to Business (B2B) Single Sign On account (SSO).

If you have any technical questions or issues faced with accessing the GE Gas Power tools, please contact the Supplier Help Desk at (866) 770-5248 in the US or Email [email protected].

Learn more about requesting an SSO along accessing and key functionalities within STC: 

All training guides and videos for SourceGate and STC are found within these applications once you obtain access.