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A flexible suite for today’s changing needs

ControlST* Software helps protect everything from turbine-generators to entire plants across all thermal, Oil & Gas, wind, and solar applications.

Reliably connected

Combining the best attributes of rotating machinery control with balance-of-plant control, the ControlST* software suite offers flexible tools with a common time-coherent dataset to simplify operation and reduce lifecycle cost. In addition, it supports the latest model-based control technology derived from GE’s thermodynamic design models to deliver the performance, operability, and reliability needed in today’s connected world.

Presenting data in a meaningful context

ControlST* integrates vital data throughout the plant, including data from external systems that would otherwise be unavailable, and presents it in a meaningful context, reducing system costs.

Armed with the right information at the right time, engineers can more effectively analyze process trends and adjust control software, operators can more quickly respond to alarms and operational disruptions, and maintenance teams can pinpoint problem areas, react proactively, and keep processes online.

The ControlST software suite includes several high-performance tools:

  • WorkstationST* HMI and Historian communication software
  • ToolboxST* process configuration and diagnostic software for process, SIL, excitation, and power conversion
  • TrenderST* provides integrated real time and historical data combined with SOE and alarm points
  • AlarmViewer delivers ISA 18.2 compliant alarm management
  • Other packages for efficient plant-wide communications, monitoring, and asset management

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