Today’s challenge for operators

Managing the impact of Primary Reignitions (PRIs) on load dispatch, emissions, and maintenance

You need to limit maintenance costs while lowering emissions—all while operating at an optimal load. We can help. With OpFlex AutoRecover, our proven controls technology can assist in recovering pre-mixed DLN1/1+ operation without a change in load. This flexibility can translate to significant reductions in emissions and maintenance costs, all while keeping your plant online.

AutoRecover benefits

  • Automated, quick transfer from extended lean-lean to pre-mixed DLN1/1+ combuster operation without load interruption
  • High emissions and maintenance operation slashed from 30+ minutes to 3-4 minutes
  • Automated detection of mode change from pre-mixed to extended lean-lean operation
  • Automated transfer back into pre-mixed mode at any load above the pre-mixed transfer point
  • Avoided interruption of high or baseload operation

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Plant flexibility: Adapting to stay relevant

Operators and plant managers are experiencing rapid change as the evolving energy landscape impacts their power plants' operating profiles. The ability to adapt and be flexible is key to remaining relevant.

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