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Getting the most from your combustor

Proper Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustor tuning is essential to ensuring regulatory compliance, extending turbine hardware life, and remaining available to reliably generate power and revenue. Weather, fuel property variation, and hardware condition are among the many factors that drive the need for tuning adjustments to ensure robust operation. We understand the drivers for periodic tuning are diverse and have developed a suite of AutoTune solutions to help provide the most possible flexibility for customers.


The AutoTune advantage

GE’s OpFlex AutoTune system combines Model-Based Control (MBC) with field-validated expert combustion models and a combustion dynamics feedback signal. This system enables continuous, real-time tuning with settings checked 25 times per second, which provides faster response than other systems that rely on emissions feedback.

Model-Based Control (MBC) is the advanced control software platform underpinning AutoTune. Developed for GE’s aircraft engine business, this modern controls architecture replaces static control schedules used in legacy control system software with modern, online, real-time turbine simulators to enable fast, accurate, adaptive control. This robust platform extends operating flexibility, expands operating envelopes, enables customization, and improves user troubleshooting capability.

GE was the first to develop a self-contained, automated DLN tuning system in 2007. Today, GE has more than 10 million hours of automated tuning experience and more than 800 OpFlex AutoTune systems in operation globally—more than 50% of the entire F-class fleet.

AutoTune for F class benefits

  • Reduces asset wear/tear and extends life

  • Reduces risk of regulatory compliance violations

  • Reduces risk and expense of load runbacks and trips

  • Improves running reliability and simplifies troubleshooting via sensor health monitoring 

  • Provides robust capability to handle rapid grid frequency fluctuations

  • Avoids the need and cost of seasonal manual DLN tuning

  • Expands fuel flexibility up to +10% and -15% MWI at rates of change of ±10% per minute

  • Enables performance gains in both output and heat rate 

  • Enables flexible performance through customizable tuning settings

  • Maintains tighter control of firing temperature and unit performance

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GE's OpFlex AutoTune software solutions can provide operational flexibility, lower maintenance costs, ongoing emissions compliance and longer gas turbine hardware life.

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