Today’s challenge for operators

Achieving faster startups

In today’s power industry, getting online quickly and efficiently isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s practically a requirement. Along with the rise of renewables and new competitive industry, operators are searching for a way to achieve faster, lower cost, more precise starts.


OpFlex Purge Credit features

  • LCI Pre-connect: Ability to maintain “Ready State” of starting means, enabling quick rotor engagement
  • Purge at Shutdown: Move purge to prior shutdown and utilize block and vent valve system to maintain indefinite purged state to execute next start without repeat purge
  • Fire on the fly: Combustion ignition via spark plugs and cross-fire tubes during acceleration
  • Fast Grid Sync: Grid synchronization within 30 seconds from full speed no load (FSNL)
  • NFPA-85 compliant

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Plant flexibility: Adapting to stay relevant

Operators and plant managers are experiencing rapid change as the evolving energy landscape impacts their power plants' operating profiles. The ability to adapt and be flexible is key to remaining relevant.

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