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The STF-D200 and STF-A200 non-reheat steam turbines are suited for a wide variety of applications, from pure power production to combined heat and power. Our steam turbines are highly flexible and engineered to meet specific customer applications.

Our 200 series steam turbines work well for combined-cycle conversion projects when a bottoming cycle is added to an existing simple-cycle plant to increase power output and efficiency upwards of 50 percent. Both the STF-D200 and STF-A200 are available with internally and externally controlled extractions to remove steam at any point along the steam path at the desired flow and pressure conditions. Our LP moisture removal features enable reliable operation and improve LP section efficiency, and a self-synchronizing clutch improves operational flexibility in a single-shaft configuration.

A closer look at our 200-series steam turbines

With more than 90 units deployed in the field since the late 1990s, the STF-A200 and STF-D200 have experience in both 50 and 60 Hz environments.



The STF-A200 steam turbine features a single casing configuration that ships fully assembled, enabling a four-month installation cycle from arrival on-site to turning gear operation; adaptive stage technology that controls low pressure extractions while intersections with valves are used for higher pressures; and many units (depending on machine size) are factory tested and pre-packaged to minimize installation and startup times.



The STF-200 steam turbine features a double flow LP section with available side exhaust that lowers the centerline for reduced plant costs, and the HP section is shipped fully assembled, enabling a five-month installation cycle from arrival on-site to turning gear operation.


STF-A200 and STF-D200 steam turbines

Technical specifications STF-D200 STF-A200
Main steam Up to 2,030 psi (140 bar)
Up to 1,050°F (565°C)
Up to 2,030 psi (140 bar)
Up to 1,050°F (565°C)
Reheat temperature N/A N/A
Frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz 50 Hz and 60 Hz
Output 200 MW - 340 MW 70 MW - 220 MW

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