Edison, part of Electricité de France (EDF Group) and one of the major energy suppliers in Italy, is no stranger to GE technology.

The background

In 2018 GE’s Advanced Gas Path (AGP) upgrade project was successfully executed at Edison’s Candela combined-cycle power plant, and exceeded expectations in terms of output and efficiency, with a reduction of up to 2 tons/hour of CO2 emissions, at the same level output.

The result

In 2020, Edison again chose an AGP upgrade, this time for its Torviscosa plant in Italy’s Friuli region. Torviscosa will benefit from the hardware upgrade to its existing two GE 9F.03 gas turbines—and is on track to increase the plant’s output by more than 6% and its efficiency by around 1%.


Continuing success

780 MW

Torviscosa plant output


Plant by plant, we are investing in crucial technologies to improve our fleet’s performance. We have had great success at our Candela plant by using GE’s AGP technology, with a significant increase of output and efficiency and now we are looking forward to the same benefits at our Torviscosa plant. GE is helping us to increase fuel savings, generation capacity, and, more importantly, our competitiveness in an evolving Italian energy segment.

Marco Stangalino

Executive Vice President of Edison - Power Asset Division

GE’s 9F AGP portfolio is a collection of evolved and improved hot gas path upgrades that helps deliver industry-leading performance and operational flexibility, driven by increased output, efficiency, availability, and improved turndown. The 9F solutions were adapted from GE’s proven 7F AGP upgrade technology and improved upon by incorporating GE’s latest HA gas turbine technical innovations.

AGP technology helps deliver operational flexibility with more output, efficiency and availability to gas plant operators on a global scale, both in mature industry segments—like the U.S. and Western Europe where efficiency and flexibility are crucial—as well as growing energy industry segments like MEA, Asia, China and Eastern Europe where more megawatts are needed for the grid and industrial use.

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