InterGen, one of the largest independent power producers in the U.K., has ordered High Efficiency (HE) upgrades for its two GT26 turbines at its plant near London.

The challenge

InterGen’s plant 30 miles east of London along the River Thames generates 800 megawatts (MW) of power each year but is seeking to modernize its two GT26 turbines with performance enhancements.  

The solution

Once the upgrades are installed in 2025, the plant is expected to produce 77 additional megawatts of power, gain added efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions by approximately 67,500 tons because less fuel will be required to produce the same amount of energy.



Number of megawatts the Coryton
plant generates now 


Number of MW the plant is expected to
generate after its turbines are upgraded


Tons of carbon emissions that will be
reduced each year after the upgrade


GE’s HE upgrade can help increase the output, efficiency, flexibility, lifespan, and availability of the two GT26 gas turbines installed at Coryton, while reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact. Additionally, these turbines are highly flexible and able to operate on a variety of fuels, including blends of hydrogen and natural gas, to offer InterGen pathways to reduce carbon emissions in the next decade.

Jim Lightfoot

CEO, InterGen

InterGen, one of the largest independent power producers in the United Kingdom, has ordered GE High Efficiency upgrades to help modernize its Coryton Power Plant 30 miles east of London. The 800 megawatt (MW) combined cycle power plant uses two GT26 gas turbines that will be upgraded in 2025.

The upgrade, first introduced in 2019, combines the best from GE’s F- and H-Class fleets with additive manufactured parts and innovations in aerodynamics, material science and combustion dynamics. The result is an increase in power output and efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions. Once the upgrades are installed, Coryton Power Plant is expected to deliver 77 additional MW of power and reduce its carbon emissions by more than 67,000 tons a year.

This will enable the power company to move toward its energy transition goals and stabilize the power grid while keeping costs down for customers. InterGen CEO Jim Lightfood has said the utility chose the GE upgrade because of its part load efficiency and fuel-flexible combustion system, which will help in reducing carbon emissions.  

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