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* Data as of June, 2023


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Validation, installed base and reliability

The HE upgrade was fully validated in 2021 with 6 units installed and operating commercially. The fleet leader reached B inspection in 2023, and in total, the fleet has 80,000 WOH (weighted operating hours) and about 655 starts with the upgrade.

Box concept


GE bases most gas turbine maintenance requirements on independent counts of starts and hours. Whichever criteria limit is first reached determines the maintenance interval. A graphical display of GE’s “Box Concept” approach is shown here. The inspection interval recommendation is defined by the rectangle established by the starts and hours criteria. Using this Box concept, a GT26 HE unit should run 32k Weighted Operating Hours (WOH) with no maintenance factor. If operated into the “corner” of the box, the unit can achieve 44k equivalent EOH (+16k EOH vs GT26 Rating 2006 interval).

Plant compatibility

The HE upgrade can be added to any GT26 gas turbine, and the GE team will tailor the upgrade to create a balance between cost and value. The first step is a comprehensive plant feasibility study to identify any plant requirements, which includes an analysis of all your plant assets—HRSG, generator, transformer, and OTC (once-through-cooler).

Cutting-edge technology

The GT26 HE upgrade blends F- and H-Class technologies, delivering unmatched gas turbine reliability and availability with higher performance. The upgrade has unique technology features including advanced manufactured parts to deliver high performance and reduce cooling requirements, and 3D-Aero profile compressor configuration to provide higher baseload and part load performance.


GT26 gas turbine innovation: A 20-year heritage

  • GE continued investing in the GT26 gas turbine fleet as customers’ needs and power market dynamics evolved.
  • The GT26 HE upgrade brings a blend of innovations in material science, aerodynamics and combustion dynamics.
  • The upgrade offers unmatched reliability and availability with higher performance.

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