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Working to make you more competitive

We have spent 20+ years investing in innovative solutions to help GT26 gas turbine customers keep up with evolving market dynamics.

Today, our fleet of more than 100 units delivers 37 GW of power capacity in 21 countries, and we’re developing the latest upgrades to help keep you competitive in a challenging marketplace.

GT26 High Efficiency (HE) upgrade

Blending F-class flexibility with H-class efficiency, this latest gas turbine upgrade will help GT26 gas turbine operators remain competitive by providing both baseload and part load efficiency improvements.

This technology will enable higher output capabilities for peak power periods, and longer maintenance intervals, which is especially relevant when operating a daily shifting profile.

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GT26 gas turbine customer service, outage excellence, and GT26 HE implementation

Our mission: to drive customer success in delivering cleaner, more accessible energy to the world. See how we did it for our GT26 gas turbine customers.

An inside look at our GT26 management program

Uniper collaboration—for outage excellence in the UK 

Implementation of first GT26 HE upgrade at Uniper’s Enfield power plant in the UK

GE and Uniper collaborating for innovation

For decades, GE and Uniper have worked together building and maintaining power plants using leading technologies. The GT26 HE upgrade implementation is another example of this collaboration.

The GT26 HE upgrade can significantly improve a plant’s performance by increasing its flexibility, efficiency, and output, as well as extend the unit’s inspection intervals, reducing long-term maintenance costs

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