Quality is key

Gas turbine parts when and where you need them

Reliable plant operations depend on access to flexible gas turbine parts, hardware and services at a competitive price. Our global parts distribution centers are linked to regional supply chains, which means the highest-quality component inventory is on hand exactly when and where you need it. Parts are then supplied and fitted by local teams that understand your business, your requirements, and your turbines inside and out.

Main benefits

  • Increase availability by having gas turbine replacement parts readily available, keeping your outages shorter and your insurers happier. 
  • Enhance reliability with OEM gas turbine parts specifically engineered to work with your assets and extend turbine life.
  • Improve flexibility through short lead times and replacement parts tracking. 
  • Elevate your gas turbine performance while reducing maintenance costs with more durable and efficient components.

Local access, global technology

Global distribution has a local face. Your local GE representative has access to more than 30,000 different components in our global distribution centers.

With a GE service agreement, you benefit from predictive data analytics to identify issues before they force an outage, and you can count on replacement parts being available even before you need them.
With a Contractual Service Agreement, you get condition-based maintenance plans to keep you in control of your parts replacement schedule and costs.

Our ongoing investment in improving parts quality means replacement components can improve output, increase efficiency, and extend maintenance intervals.

Refurbished heavy-duty gas turbine hardware & parts

Save time and money with cost-effective refurbished gas turbine parts, a valuable alternative to buying new capital parts or extending your outage duration while parts are being repaired. GE can help you choose the right combination of new and refurbished B-/E-/F-Class components to suit your needs and applications. Save even more when you exchange your old components for new or refurbished parts.

Here’s how the exchange model works:

  • GE will quote a price for your used part.
  • If you agree, pay only the price differential of the refurbished or new part.
  • We will manage all logistics and compliance associated with the exchange model.

TRUEpart refurbished gas turbine parts

  • A TRUEpart is a genuine GE gas turbine part, reconditioned to GE standards in an authorized GE shop
  • Built on 130+ years of legendary GE expertise, design, and performance
  • Provides peace of mind no other part can bring
  • Designed and certified by the best source possible: the equipment manufacturer
  • Backed by the best standard warranty in the industry: new-part equivalent or full-interval
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