An infrastructure with new potential

The challenge

Along with its population and economy, Bangladesh’s power sector is rapidly transforming, and the government has placed tremendous focus on fast-tracking projects that improve the country’s energy infrastructure.

The solution

As the first LMS100 aeroderivative gas turbine to be installed in the Asia region for GE, the 100-MW Shahjibazar power plant is a part of a larger initiative undertaken by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) to improve grid stability with power generation systems.


Power agility to meet Bangladesh’s energy transformation


start time for the LMS100


total plant output

with three modes: base, peak, and swing


Bangladesh is an important country for us, wherein each power project is designed to meet the local power demand and challenges such as load variation. We are proud to partner with GE Gas Power, getting the necessary technical expertise and the best-suited equipment for the upcoming power plant in Shahjibazar.

Mr. Yan Wei

Vice Chairman, Jiangsu Etern Co. Ltd.


Bangladesh is poised for a great start in evolving its infrastructure and energy sector via the Shahjibazar project. One of the world’s fastest-growing countries needed power, and the LMS100 aeroderivative gas turbine was there to help. This will be GE’s third power plant project with BPDB in Shahjibazar with the other two installed with two 6B and two 9E.03 gas turbines.

The LMS100 is well suited for fluctuating grid conditions due to its responsive flexibility. An embedded dual-fuel capability adds agility to the gas turbine, enabling operation on both natural gas and LPG. GE’s turnkey LMS100 technology is a fit for power plants currently running heavy fuel oil (HFO) or diesel in South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

With a 10-minute fast-start, high efficiency, and unrestricted stops and starts compared to peer technologies, the LMS100 gas turbine provides a proven, economical piece needed for 100+ megawatts of power dispatch.

The Shahjibazar project marks BPDB’s first engineering, procurement, and construction contract for an aeroderivative turbine in Bangladesh’s energy sector. GE Power’s presence has grown significantly over the years, and its technology helps generate reliable and affordable electricity in the country.

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