Looking for ways to improve the availability and efficiency of their plant operations, Naturgy Energy Group decided to enlist GE to utilize their unique cross-fleet solutions.

The challenge

With an estimated 1 million new customers coming online in the next 5 years, Naturgy Energy Group knew they needed to find a way to meet the demand for more power and remain competitive. 

The solution

Once the outage was finished and the Tuxpan plant was brought back online, GE was able to exceeded the promises they made and achieved an output increase of 9.2% and a 2.9% efficiency improvement.


Solutions across the fleet

output increase

improved efficiency

32,000 hours

maintenance interval


At GPG, we provide service to more than 1.5 million people, and we are continuously looking for ways to improve the availability and efficiency of our operations to better serve our customers.

Fernando Ramos

Chief Operating Officer of GPG

Staying competitive in Mexico’s power industry is no easy task. With 1 million new customers coming online in the next 5 years, Global Power Generation (GPG), a subsidiary of Naturgy Energy Group, needed a way to meet that additional demand with reliable, cost-efficient power sources.  

GPG was also looking for ways to save costs—and pass those savings on to its customers. For the company’s 450-megawatt Fuerza y Energía de Tuxpan power plant in Veracruz, Mexico, GE had the answer.  

With a recently-introduced range of capabilities to advance the performance and serviceability of other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gas turbine fleets, GE had the solution GPG was looking for. GE offers gas plant owners tailored solutions for select other OEM brands including Siemens and Mitsubishi. This represents a full services alternative to original 501F OEM manufacturers.

“The Tuxpan outage was a major step for us,” said Martin O’Neill, General Manager of Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Services for GE Gas Power. “It was the first time we delivered a full upgrade applying our own technology.”

The upgrades at Tuxpan include new gas turbine hardware infused with GE’s patented materials technology and improved engine component architecture, which takes advantage of decades of experience in developing and manufacturing gas turbines. GE also serviced Tuxpan’s steam turbines, uprated its generator systems and installed a combustion dynamics monitoring system to help the site identify combustion issues before they occur.

“Our advanced cross-fleet capabilities and technology not only improve the performance and reliability of existing fleets, it also helps gas plant operators gain more flexibility and efficiency, and increase time between needed maintenance,” added Martin O’Neill.

When the outage was complete and Tuxpan was back online, the plant’s performance was impressive: GE exceeded its commitment for the project, achieving an output increase of 9.2% and a 2.9% efficiency improvement on one of Tuxpan’s gas turbines, while extending maintenance intervals to 32,000 hours.

“GE’s cross-fleet upgrade for our M501F machines achieved better results than they promised, allowing us to provide more power to the Mexican grid and improve operating and maintenance costs,” said Ramos.

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