In September 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, GE was able to successfully complete the rehabilitation of three 9E gas turbines, at three NDPHC power plants in Calabar and Sapele, Nigeria.

The background

These operations reduced the risk of unplanned downtime, enabling the plants to reliably secure and restore the supply of up to 360 MW of electricity to the national grid, the equivalent electricity needed to power approximately two million Nigerian homes.

The result

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, GE and NDPHC worked together to swiftly implement safety procedures aiming to ensure a safe and on-time execution.


Helping to deliver safety and success

40 years

of global 9E operations

17 GW

of power generation in SSA from GE gas turbines

2 million

equivalent Nigerian homes powered by the upgrades


Being Nigeria’s largest electricity generating company, with a total installed capacity of 4.0 GW, representing about 35% of Nigeria’s generating capacity, we are committed to strengthening Nigeria's power sector, despite the unexpected logistical challenges of the COVID19 outbreak.

Chiedu Ugbo

Managing Director, NDPHC

The outages involved stage three bucket changeouts on three 9E gas turbines as well as additional combustion inspections. Engineers from GE and FieldCore worked together and in close collaboration with NDPHC to implement additional safety measures and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, including frequent disinfections at the site, physical distancing, standard passive and active temperature screenings for personnel, and the use of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves.

“We are committed to supporting power plant operators like NDPHC to be able to provide reliable power with exceptional support and services from GE throughout these uncertain times, while ensuring and maintaining the health and safety of our employees and suppliers.” said Elisee Sezan, CEO for GE's Gas Power business in Sub-Saharan Africa. “The successful rehabilitation of the power generations assets at Calabar and Sapele plants will help increase the 9E gas turbines’ efficiency, while lowering emissions and providing essential power for industrialization, healthcare facilities, homes, schools and businesses.”

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