Over 30 years ago, Petronas LNG entered the LNG market and with GE’s help found a way to reduce the volume of natural gas for simpler production and exportation.

The challenge

With reducing emissions becoming a global goal in recent years, GE and Petronas LNG have worked together and challenged themselves to produce a cleaner, cost-effective energy resource.

The solution

By utilizing GE’s power generation equipment, training, and technological support, Petronas LNG has been able to successfully produce an efficient energy resource and become a significant player in the world’s LNG market.


A long history of successful collaboration


years of GE and Petronas collaboration


million tons of LNG a year

The Petronas LNG Complex (PLC) produces 25.7 million tons of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) annually, much of which it exports to help efficiently power booming Asian industries. The complex employs 1,500 people, the majority of whom are local Malaysians who take great pride in their contributions to the company’s success.

Petronas’ foray into the LNG industry began more than three decades ago when huge gas reserves were discovered in Malaysia’s Central Luconia basin. Through the liquefaction process, Petronas was able to reduce the volume of natural gas by 1/600th, making it much easier to produce and export. In order to do this, they worked with GE to provide power for their operations, and supply a range of gas turbines and compressors for projects in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

For more than 20 years, GE has worked closely with Petronason LNG projects, providing the local workforce with training and technological support. Today, GE continues to provide the technological expertise while Petronas provides the equipment, resources, and personnel. Together, they are able to capitalize on each other’s strengths to help produce a cost-effective, efficient, and cleaner energy resource. GE's ongoing commitment to building local service capabilities and to develop and train the next generation of engineering and service experts in Malaysia has helped strengthen Petronas’ position as a trusted and reliable global LNG player. 

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