IEC signs a multi-year deal with GE to service three 9FA gas turbines at their Eshcol, Tzafit, and Alon Tavor power stations.

The challenge

In an industry that depends on efficiency, keep your plant assets fully optimal can be a tall task.

The solution

By inking a multi-year service agreement with GE’s Power Services, IEC has assured that the reliability and availability of their 9FA gas turbines will be improved consistently.


A history of collaboration

3rd Largest power plant

Eshkol power station

average reliability of 9F turbine

288-314 MW

simple cycle output of 9F gas turbine

For over six decades, GE has worked closely with Israel Electric Corporation, Ltd (IEC), supplying gas and steam turbines, as well as delivering solutions to improve transmission and distribution operations. In September 2016, GE’s Power Services business signed a multi-year deal with Israel Electric Corporation, Ltd (IEC), to support three 9FA gas turbines at Eshcol, Tzafit, and Alon Tavor power stations. The deal will increase the reliability and availability of each station, resulting in better efficiency for its customers.


  • The natural gas-fired, 1,449-megawatt (MW) Eshkol power station, which is located in the north industrial zone of Ashdad and supplies power to Israel’s Shephelah region. This station is Israel’s third largest power plant in production capacity.
  • The 650-MW Tzafit power station, located 40 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv. The facility features a 9FA gas turbine combined-cycle system and two 9E gas turbines in simple cycle mode to provide peaking power. Tzafit is one of GE’s first IEC gas turbine project sites.
  • The 650-MW Alon Tavor power station (a sister power station to Tzafit) that includes one 9FA natural gas combined-cycle system with a steam block from Alstom Power, which GE acquired in November 2015. The station is located in the Alon Tavor industrial zone.
  • GE Power Services continues to deliver world-class products and services to our global partners every day, building upon long-standing relationships and fostering new ones.

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