As China tries to move toward a greener industrial future, Wuhan Iron and Steel chose to partner with GE to create a plant that could meet their goal of reducing emissions.

The challenge

Wuhan Iron and Steel wanted to promote responsible growth through the development of a new, more efficient, and higher-output power plant— to grow operations, while remaining sensitive to reducing emissions and lowering its overall environmental impact

The solution

Collaborating with GE from the earliest stages of plant construction, the combined team developed an advanced technology solution to address the challenge. Ultimately, this innovative collaboration will result in 100 MW of energy saved by the city and operational savings of $32 million per year, creating a cleaner, reliable source of energy for Wuhan and giving back to Chinese society.


From trash to treasure


Billion KWH of electricity generated per year


Tons fewer CO2 emissions

$30 million

Tons of steel per year

Wuhan Iron and Steel is one of the largest iron and steel manufacturers in China, producing more than 30 million tons of steel per year. It partnered with GE to build an advanced power plant that will lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and save the city millions.

As part of the broader movement by Chinese firms to implement a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and integrate aspects of the initiative into its own operations, Wuhan saw an opportunity to show leadership through the construction of the new plant. Wuhan partnered with GE to build an advanced blast furnace gas power plant, the largest in the world. In addition to producing 160 tons of steam per hour for steel production, it will generate 2.4 billion kWh ofelectricity per year, ultimately lowering CO2 emissions by 2 million tons.

After implementing the combined-cycle power plant program, Wuhan Iron and Steel transformed its waste emissions into a reliable source of energy to power not only its own operations but also the city of Wuhan.

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