What can upgrading your 7F compressor can do for you?

Part of our field-proven F-class compressor packages, the 7F flared high output stage 0 compressor upgrade complements applications that extend rotor life. This leads to longer turbine service and increased plant output—in both simple cycle and combined cycle modes.


How we get you there

Our 7F upgrade is tailor-packaged to your site profile and site risk factors. You’ll need a set-up of 7F gas turbines with flared compressors—and Enhanced Compressor package 3, 4, or 5.

  • The upgrade can be integrated during your next hot gas path or major inspection.
  • Increase GT output for both simple and combined cycle plants, at ISO and hot-day conditions.
  • Maintain the same reliability as an enhanced compressor R0/S0.
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