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Enhanced features, improved reliability

GE’s F-class enhanced compressor offers solutions for numerous components—such as Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV), forward rotor blade (R0), forward-stage stator vanes (S0 up to S5), and aft stage vanes (S14 – S16).


What can upgrading do for you?

  • Reduce degradation effects and stresses
  • Reduce fretting wear between the rotating blade and rotor interfaces
  • Move natural frequencies for vibratory margin
  • Improve rub characteristics
  • Augment durability and longevity
  • Improve loading and durability on the forward stage stator rings and the aft stage stator vanes

Robust S5 stator vane for 6F/7F/9F gas turbines flared compressors

The S5 vane for flared F-class compressors has been re-engineered to increase robustness and has been fully validated via instrumented unit test. The robust S5 builds upon the enhanced S5 as it also incorporates the vane base load dams.

Robust S5 benefits:

  • Improved damage tolerance to corrosion pits/foreign object damage/rubs/compressor surge
  • Squealer tip provides improved rub tolerance
  • Great for units operating in corrosive environments

High output R0/S0 for 6F and 7F

Based on years of compressor development experience and extensive testing and validation with the Enhanced Compressor, GE has now introduced its latest compressor advancement.

Flared high output benefits:

  • Output increase for both simple and combined cycle plants  
  • Both ISO and hot day output improvement  
  • The additional output and hot day performance can be integrated during your next hot gas path or major inspection  
  • Maintain the same reliability as an Enhanced Compressor R0/S0 

Learn about our 7F high output stage 0 compressor package.


Aft stator solutions

Our product developments have been field-proven to reduce degradation and known stress drivers in their given areas. We've been able to continually learn from more than 10 million hours of EC operation.

The Enhanced Little Foot option has been added to Package 4 for customers with cycle time constraints. The added reliability from machining the casing with a Big Foot dovetail can be replaced with an Enhanced Little Foot to cut down your outage by up to four days.



F-class enhanced compressor packages

Explore our package options, which can be installed either as part of a major inspection—or even over a long weekend.

Outage window key elements

Package 2 Package 2+ Package 3 Package 4 Package 5
Long weekend HGPI HGPI MI MI
R0 R0 R0 R0 R0
  S0-S4 S0-S4 S0-S4 S0-S4
    Robust S5 with load dams Robust S5 with load dams Robust S5 with load dams
      Aft Stator (S14-16)** Aft Stator (S14-16)**

* Strategic Anti Rotating Stall Schedule
**Aft stator solution options: Big Foot/Little Foot
***Rebladed forward rotating stages

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