What can upgrading do for you?

Originally developed for operational flexibility in 7E turbines, our AFS upgrade has been expanded and integrated into the 9E and F/HA fleets for its proven value.

The 9E Enhanced Turndown package improves performance in DLN1 and DLN1+ combustion systems by combining two robust technologies: axial fuel system and corrected parameter control.

More secure compliance

Axial fuel staging (AFS) helps increase the emission-compliant operating range as part the package. AFS hardware pairs with corrected parameter control (CPC) software, which helps enhance existing turbine control and improve control of unit exhaust temperature.

How we get you there

By introducing gas fuel into the head end of the transition piece through a new fuel circuit, AFS helps achieve notable combustion enhancements..

At the same time, CPC helps enhance the existing static turbine control with an all-load temperature reference, which is updated as an ambient conditions change. This enables better control of unit exhaust temperature and emissions.


Fuel savings and carbon reduction

AFS value calculator

Achieve lower turndown, emissions, and maintenance costs with GE's Axial Fuel Staging (AFS) gas turbine upgrade.

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