Calculate your DLN 2.6+ AFS savings due to lower turndown

1 Gas turbine type and configuration *

2 Current minimum gas turbine turndown (% of baseload, ISO day) *


3 Estimated annual hours at minimum turndown *


4 Estimated number of avoided starts per year with improved turndown *


5Estimated total cost per start (fuel, maintenance, staffing, etc.) ($) *


6Estimated Fuel Price ($/MMBtu) *


7Plant Location / Carbon Tax Rate *


AFS value calculator: Fuel savings and carbon reduction

An expanded emissions compliant load range can make your power plant much more flexible to better complement intermittent renewables and avoid the alternative of more frequent and costly cycling. GE’s Axial Fuel Staging (AFS) upgrade can help you cost effectively adapt to an increasingly renewables-rich power grid while staying in emissions compliance, and reduce both total emissions and your carbon footprint.

How much can you save? Tell us a little bit about your equipment and how you’re running today, and our calculator will build a custom scenario to help you plan for the future.

GE’s AFS Value Calculator will help you:

  • Learn how you can save money due to reduced fuel burn from operating your plant at a lower minimum load, all while staying in emissions compliance

  • Discover how operating at a lower minimum load can reduce plant shutdown/startup cycling, and thus avoid plant start-up costs, start-up emissions, and plant cycling wear and tear

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Your cost and CO2 savings

Good news! you can achieve following results

Estimated cost savings

  • Annual fuel cost savings due to lower turndown


  • Annual total cost savings due to fewer starts ($/year)


Estimated carbon savings

  • Annual carbon emission savings from operating at lower turndown (lbs CO2/year)


  • Potential CO2 tax savings ($/year)


  • Potential reduced renewable curtailment (MWhrs)