Greater flexibility

Future-proof your power plant with axial fuel staging (AFS)

Today’s power plants are being dispatched for greater cyclic operation to allow for increasing renewable energy production, exposing operators to increased maintenance costs from more frequent start-ups. Adapting mature technology to become more flexible can avoid many of the cost impacts of cycling.

What do I need to install the AFS upgrade?


If your 7F gas turbine already has the DLN 2.6+ combustor and your plant runs on Mark Ve or VIe controls, you can install the AFS upgrade added for even greater flexibility and turndown. There are a number of other upgrades that can also be added with axial fuel staging (AFS) for even greater outcomes, including OpFlex softwareAGP and steam turbine upgrades.

GE's DLN combustion system features leading-edge expertise and enables the operational flexibility you need, helping reduce emissions and start up faster than ever before. With the 2.6+ upgrade, you will also have the advantage of improved capacity, minimum fuel burn, and O&M part/outage costs.

*Consult your GE representative for 7F.04-200 and 7F.05 applications


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  • Turn up your plant profitability with improved turndown
  • EmPowering a decarbonized energy future

7F DLN 2.6+ AFS: Turn up your plant profitability with improved turndown

Register today to learn how to achieve lower turndown and reduce maintenance costs with GE’s latest flexibility solution—a variant of the Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6+ combustion system that adds Axial Fuel Staging (AFS) technology for further turndown capability.


EmPowering a decarbonized energy future

The energy landscape is transforming rapidly. How can we continue to deliver power that is reliable, affordable, and more sustainable? Join our webinar to explore the current and future challenges of our energy infrastructure and learn about the latest energy supply and delivery technologies.


How low can you go?

With the AFS upgrade added to your DLN 2.6+ combustion system, you can realize even greater turndown, reduced renewable curtailment, and increased access to ancillary markets.


Fuel savings and carbon reduction

AFS value calculator

Achieve lower turndown, emissions, and maintenance costs with GE's 7F Axial Fuel Staging (AFS) gas turbine upgrade.

Understanding AFS technology

How we get you there

The AFS upgrade axially stages combustion in two zones; which allows the combustor to have enhanced performance at both baseload and minimum turndown. Here’s a look at how the technology functions (model simplified for clarity).

  • AFS technology introduces gas fuel into the transition piece through a new fuel circuit.
  • During low load operation, the percentage split in the staged fuel system can be reduced or turned off, thereby keeping the overall combustion system in emissions compliance over a wide range of firing temperatures.
  • The AFS premixers are circumferentially distributed and the exits of the injectors are flush with the transition piece inner wall.
  • The AFS fuel system doesn’t require any mechanical joints inside the engine. All fuel piping joints are located outside the compressor discharge casing for increased durability.
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AFS for 7F gas turbines

Read our fact sheet on axial fuel staging for 7F gas turbines.

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