GT13D turbine and compressor upgrades

The GT13DC compressor upgrade was specifically engineered for the GT13D original turbine to increase the performance and as well to improve the surge margin under severe ambient conditions—particularly beneficial for plants in hot countries. The field-proven maintainability of the GT13D remains unchanged and the capability of further modular upgrades is ensured.

  • GT performance increase of up to 7%
  • GT efficiency increase of up to 0.9% (multi.)
  • Improved surge margin (approx. 50 °F/10 °C)
  • Increased availability and reliability

How we get you there

Sustain the future competitiveness of your GT13D turbine with the modular GT13D turbine and compressor upgrade package. Thanks to two different operation modes, one for more power output and efficiency (P-mode) and the other for longer inspection intervals (L-mode), the upgrade provides an additional performance and availability boost.

  • GT performance increase of up to 19 MW (P-mode)
  • GT efficiency increase of up to 2.2% (add.) (P-mode)
  • Flexibility increase due to switchable operating modes for maximum extended lifetime or extra power output and efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to extended C-inspection intervals of 32 kEOH (L-mode)
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