Why upgrade to MarkVIe?

With a state-of-the-art digital controller programmable for a wide variety of control applications, Mark VIe is the standard GE Vernova platform for all new Units. Currently under development are the latest advanced control schemes and software that will be embedded in the Mark VIe Core Engine and package control.


What can upgrading to Mark VIe do for you?

The upgrade consists of replacing both hardware and software for the package controller and sequencer to the Mark VIe, also providing:

  • Advanced features under development include grid responsiveness, operability, emmissions, and Hydroden readiness
  • Leading troubleshooting tools (Trip History, Dynamic Data Recorders, Trender) enabling rapid root cause discovery, issue resolution, and return to operation Powerful CPU for demanding applications.
  • Flexibility to use different configurations, depending on customer’s needs, and current configuration.
  • Real-time multitasking QnX operating system.
  • Improved control system availability and reliability.
  • Exceptional accuracy, fast update rates.
  • Increased communications capabilities (Ethernet, CAN, IEC 61850, and others)
  • Timestamping across the system at 1 MS for all SOEs and Alarms synchronized to a local clock or GPS
  • Eliminates single point failure modes from systems that utilize back planes and chasis for controller and IO subsystems.
  • Offers a complete suite of software products for service interface.
  • Enabled for support through GE Vernova Controls Lifecare Service programs

How the Mark VIe controller for gas turbines gets you there

  • Mark VIe is GE Vernova’s OEM control platform for power generation and oil & gas equipment—including aero and heavy duty gas turbines, steam turbines, and wind turbines.
  • The system will interface with existing field devices and on-engine hardware providing core fuel control, package sequencing and protection.
  • Provides high-speed closed loop control, system sequencing, auxiliary-system control, monitoring/alarming, 1ms SOEs, and trip history for faster troubleshooting and recovery after events.
  • Single, dual or TMR Redundant System Configuration (power supplies, CPU’s, IO, & protection modules) to provide high availability with appropriate flexibility.
  • Synchronized Memory – assures that both CPUs use the same operating information in all situations.
  • Real-time true dual redundancy without failover time delays.
  • Online reparability
  • Real-time network


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