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The improved reliability, maintenance costs savings and lifetime extension that result from pressure parts replacement are well worth the investment. Here’s an example of a typical customer and the value they gained from replacing their pressure parts. (Hint: They realized their ROI in just 2-3 years, and ultimately had a $3.7M benefit over 10 years.)

Did you know?

Pressure parts replacement: What it is, how it works, and what’s included

What is an HRSG pressure parts replacement?

With a pressure parts replacement, GE will replace all the internal equipment in your HRSG, as shown below. Replacing these internals parts will help restore the reliability of your HRSG, reduce the risk of a forced outage, reduce your O&M costs, and extend the lifetime of your HRSG.

A diagram of a typical HRSG pressure parts arrangement, demonstrating horizontal gas flow.
A diagram of a typical HRSG pressure parts arrangement, demonstrating horizontal gas flow.

What is involved in replacing my pressure parts?

The typical scope of a pressure parts replacement is

  • Engineering and procurement of the new pressure parts
  • Installation of the new pressure parts
  • Site hydrotest (optional)
  • In-kind or upgraded material / geometry
  • Scope based on site needs and may include replacement of headers, harps, or complete modules
  • FAC-resistant material
  • Front-end, multi-row headers can be redesigned to improve lifetime under cycling conditions
  • Reduced installation time

Why should I go with GE?

As the HRSG OEM experts, GE is a one-stop shop for pressure parts replacement. We have the experience of having installed the original HRSGs when the plants were brand new, so we have all in-depth knowledge of every piece of equipment in your HRSG. Not all HRSGs are the same, but we have detailed drawings of every type, which will save additional time and money that isn’t needed to “reverse engineer” your equipment.

 Fact sheet

 HRSG pressure parts replacement

Replacement of the HRSG pressure parts restores reliability, reduces O&M costs, and extends HRSG lifetime. GE Vernova has large-scale pressure parts manufacturing facilities and extensive global engineering, procurement & construction experience.

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