The flexibility to do more

Load flexibility benefits

  • Increase peak output and efficiency
  • Maintain efficiency at partial loads
  • Extend turndown to lower loads
  • Respond quickly to load change requests
  • Expand emissions compliant load range available for dispatch

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Plant flexibility: Adapting to stay relevant

Operators and plant managers are experiencing rapid change as the evolving energy landscape impacts their power plants' operating profiles. The ability to adapt and be flexible is key to remaining relevant.

A total solutions suite

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Variable Peak Fire

Online user or Automatic Generation Control (AGC) adjustable peak fire for additional output, subject to user defined MW or emissions limitations. Peak maintenance factor applies.

Robust Extended Peak

Provides variable, emissions-compliant peak-fire without ambient temperature restriction, up to max equipment capability.

Variable Airflow

Online user adjustable max IGV setting for better baseload output or better combined-cycle heat rate; onetime fixed adjustment possible for Mark V and VI controller, non-AutoTune configurations.

Grid Services Package

Advanced load control software to enable compliance to global grid codes and grid testing requirements, and enable participation in grid support ancillary services industries (requires ETS).

Smart IGV Control

Enables improved turndown for units without IBH through the use of enhanced IGV control in warm ambient conditions where icing risk is low.

Extended Turndown

Combustion control software to extend the emissions compliant load range to 5%– 10% lower load levels.

Cold Load Path

Enables improved part load efficiency for simple cycle units by improving the GT fuel and air control logic while maintaining CO emissions compliance (requires AutoTune for B and E class).

Smart Inlet Bleed Heat (IBH)

Replaces static IBH schedule logic with actively adjusted logic to increase IBH only when needed. Improve efficiency in some situations (requires AutoTune for B and E class).

Steam Turbine Turndown

Enables extended combined-cycle plant load turndown by operating the steam turbine outside of inlet pressure control (IPC) at as low a load as possible while maintaining forward HP flow and bypassing excess steam flow to the condenser. Potentially up to 5-10% reduction in minimum combined-cycle load possible.

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