Today’s challenge for operators

Adapting to changing needs

Most power plants were built for running at baseload—but that’s not how they’re running today. As renewable energy sources become more of a presence on the grid, efficiency is now a priority for power plant operators, with the goal of staying online more economically and spending more time at part load.


Variable IBH features and benefits

OpFlex Variable IBH replaces fixed, conservative control schedules for IBH flow with modern logic using model-based control, resulting in improved part load heat rate. An online icing model is used to calculate the minimum IBH flow required to help ensure adequate icing margin for the given ambient temperature and dew point, and adjust IBH accordingly in real time.

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Plant flexibility: Adapting to stay relevant

Operators and plant managers are experiencing rapid change as the evolving energy landscape impacts their power plants' operating profiles. The ability to adapt and be flexible is key to remaining relevant.

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