What can upgrading do for you?

At >99.3% reliability, the 6B gas turbine is already a dependable link in the chain that is your plant. With our services-to-hardware upgrade, you’ll find new ways to make your plant’s workhorse even better, and you’ll save on both cost and installation time.


How we get you there

When faulty instruments cause 25% of trips, failed starts, and outages, reliable readings win the day. Through our 1,100+ 6B turbines around the world, we’ve put years of data into an end-to-end package that provides technology and service symbiosis—which becomes your uptime.

Our 6B gas turbine package includes:

  • Improved combustion spread monitoring and thermocouple adjacency logic
  • Advanced fault detection of sensors
  • Reduced sensitivity to exhaust thermocouple failure
  • Updated exhaust over overpressure protection control schemes for fewer false trips
  • Load reduction and increased exhaust temperature limit 
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Your biggest headaches—solved

Opflex Trip Avoidance

Software improved logic to avoid trips, using intelligent signal selection and system level data validation. This solution uses alternative protective actions.

Key benefits


  • False and unnecessary shutdowns due to faulty sensors


  • Reliability by avoiding unnecessary trips and shutdowns

Main features

  • Exhaust spread and over-temperature logic
  • Secondary flame detector sensing logic
  • Transfer purge protection
  • Valve position faults
  • Null bias compensation for gas control valve
  • Enhanced vibration sensing and logic

Compartment Ventilation Monitoring Reliability Improvements (TIL-2220)

The air flow sensors mounted on the turbine compartment inlet and the gas fuel module inlet  to monitor air flow in the inlet are sensitive to environmental factors. Differential Pressure (dP) transmitters are less sensitive to environmental factors.

Key benefits


  • Failure point on existing ventilation fans with a single pressure sensor by providing redundancy via a 3-sensor configuration
  • False inlet flow indications


  • Product reliability by reducing spurious trips or shutdowns
  • Robustness to environmental conditions (moisture/humidity, contaminants, oily deposits, wind)

Valve Tracking Logic for Trip Mitigation (TIL 1817)

In TMR MK Vie controllers, gas control valve positioner trips can occur due to the logic used from each of the 3 controller channels. A high exhaust temperature spread—or a loss of flame, when a single TMR controller is in a tripped state and the other two controllers remained healthy—contributes to this trip.

Key benefits


  • The risk of tripping due to a particular failure state of a single Mark™ VIe controller


  • Reliability by avoiding unnecessary trips due to valve positioner errors

Dry flame detector

The legacy water-cooled flame scanner has experienced reliability issues, causing unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs. The dry flame scanner was been introduced as a more reliable and robust solution, which is expected to improve product reliability.

Key benefits


  • Leaks on cooling circuit (with risk of cooling water splashing on hot GT casings)
  • False flame indication


  • Product reliability by up to 50%
  • Response time
  • Robustness to environmental conditions
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