What can upgrading do for you?

It’s common for 9E gas turbine sites to engage in operations that create a hostile environment for compressor blades. Our series of modifications helps reduce your turbine compressor’s degradation from water, dust, contaminants, and vibrations.

GE’s full suite of dimensional and material changes—and monitoring and diagnostics—acts as a single upgrade for your compressor to guard against risky failures and costly downtime.


How we get you there

Our suite doesn’t just grant new blade aerodynamics and less painful access to your impeller. The full range of GE’s compressor enhancements can help your next forced outage become a planned one, with:

Machine-undercut blades:

  • Better tolerance to corrosion and erosion
  • Eliminated risk of fretting-induced cracking
  • Ergonomic across the span of the airfoil


Inlet guide vane undercut:

  • Modified to protect against cracks near bushings
  • Less trailing edge cracks from pitting and rubbing
  • Better handles washing frequency and inlet conditioning

Compressor aft stub shaft impeller:

  • Can be converted to an enhanced configuration at GE’s repair shops
  • New geometry reduces stress at the impeller corner radius
  • Impeller system better withstands high-vibration events

New materials and coatings:

  • Stainless steel stator vane rings for durability (stage 1)
  • A blade and vane “ultrafinish” for improved surface roughness
  • GECC-1 slurry coating vs. corrosion and erosion (stages 1 to 7)

Monitoring and diagnostics

  • Probes installed at high-frequency trouble spots
  • Compressor-health remote monitoring reports on crack detection for blades one, two, and three
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