What can upgrading your GT24 gas turbine do for you?

The GT24 MXL2 upgrade is an evolution of one common hardware with two operating modes. It lets you increase efficiency and extend component life without losing reliability in your 50 Hz and 60 Hz environments.

The simple touch of a button switches you between M and XL mode, adjusting the inlet temperature of your new LP turbine—helping you adjust to fluctuating industry demands.


How we get you there

The benefits of 33% increased maintenance intervals and boosted efficiency and output come from:

  • Improved airfoil profiles: 3D airfoil profiling was applied to reach the highest aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Reinforced thermal coating: To support the increased turbine inlet temperature in M mode, thermal barrier protection is enhanced.
  • Improved internal cooling: The vane part count in the LPT vane Rows 1 and 2 has been dropped, requiring less cooled air.
  • Reduced losses: An improved shroud layout of LPT blades and vanes leads to a reduction in over-tip leakages.
  • Laser-based clearance leveling: Spot-accurate heights of vanes and blades makes for tighter compressor clearances for higher performance.

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Meet the GT24 MXL2 upgrade

See how the MXL2 upgrade can help increase your GT24 gas turbine’s
flexibility and extend its performance. The low-pressure GT24 gas turbine
uses a dual-operating mode, easily adjusting to the highs and lows of new

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