What can upgrading do for you?

The robust exhaust frame is mission-built to address exhaust liner degradation from more frequent cycling of 7F/9F plants. This upgrade helps reduce O&M costs and downtime caused by excessive wear and tear of the existing liner.

An 7F/9F plant can yield significant availability and reliability through reduction of unplanned outage risk and benefit from shortened outage time with reduced scope of repairs.

Robust exhaust frame is a key hardware enabler for future enhanced turndown solutions.** The upgrade is a true step forward in the evolution of a 7F/9F gas plant, ensuring flexibility to respond to changing demands on future plant operations.

How we get you there

Bringing the advantage of OEM data and product expertise, this upgrade is based on extensive fleet experience. It features advanced exhaust frame technology tested and proven in 7F.05 and 7HA/9HA technology. The robust exhaust frame solution modernizes gas turbine exhaust systems to match today’s demanding markets, adding flexibility to manage increased cyclical peak demands that future energy operators will require.

Reliability improvements have been made across the exhaust frame and exhaust frame liner. Hardware improvements—and software that incorporates both 7F.05 and HA technology—have been proven during 19000+ hours in operation and 1050+ successful starts of robust exhaust frames sold and installed. Operators have seen turbine wheel temperature reduction of 15-90˚F.***

With 90+ 7F.05 | 7HA | 9HA gas turbines in commercial operation, the Robust Exhaust Frame technology has accumulated 1.5M+ operating hours
of field experience to help meet the cyclical peak demands of a volatile power market.

*In combination with the 7F/9F plant flexibility solution.
**Robust exhaust frame required for 7F/9F plant flexibility solution.
***Temperature reduction may vary by site.

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