What can upgrading do for you?

Your new system will be mission-built to address exhaust degradation from frequent cycling. This modernized version of your gas turbine exhaust system helps reduce O&M costs, not to mention downtime caused by excessive component wear and tear. GE’s upgrade also adds greater availability in the way of shorter outage durations and shorter scopes of repair.


How we get you there

Even improvements made for turbine performance can accelerate degradation. But with our OEM advantage of product expertise, your gas turbine exhaust upgrade is born from extensive fleet experience.

The exhaust frame, exhaust diffuser, and exhaust plenum of your system will be augmented, helping you to meet customer demands with increased reliability. These three key components benefit from:

  • Three diffuser inner-barrel thermocouples (vs. just one) for redundant temperature measurement
  • New, robust diffuser eliminating turning vanes and gussets
  • Floating liners to reduce thermal stress on exhaust plenum
  • Innovative system for faster exhaust frame cooling

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