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It’s time to replace the most important sensor in your gas turbine …


Accurately measuring the temperature of your gas turbine’s exhaust gases is critical to the unit’s performance. In fact, it is possibly the most important measurement in the gas turbine. Thus, reliable and robust exhaust thermocouples are a priority for every operator.

Have you had trouble getting your exhaust thermocouple to seat properly? Or have you experienced limitations from exhaust spread? If so, it’s a good time to plan for a replacement with the latest, most accurate exhaust thermocouple.

Understand the advantages

Reliably easier maintenance

What are the advantages of replacing your gas turbine’s thermocouples? You’ll have more accurate exhaust gas temperature sensor readings, which will in turn help increase the life of your thermocouple and all associated parts. If for any reason the new thermocouple needs to be replaced in the future, it’s a quicker and easier process because of the way it’s engineered: A single, connected shield means that only the thermocouple needs to be replaced—no need to also replace the cabling from the radiation shield to the junction box.

Prolong the life of your thermocouple

Remove the guesswork during installation

The configuration of the latest stud-type thermocouple addresses the main issue with previous models: Human error. Because the thermocouple tip is a standard length that will fit your turbine, there’s no guesswork in making sure it’s properly seated and installed in the radiation shield, and no risk of over-tightening the fitting. With proper installation, not only will you prolong the life of your thermocouple, you will have a correct reading that provides insights into any anomalies with your combustion operation.


The studded thermocouple is the result of a three-year development program initiated to further improve exhaust thermocouple engineering and significantly reduce the maintenance hours needed to replace the thermocouple in the field.

Key features of the studded thermocouple:

  • Standard tip length to ensure quicker, easier installation
  • Single-unit sheath eliminates the need to replace cabling during upgrade
  • Hermetically sealed to protect the thermocouple from high-temperature infrared damage

Save time and money with the entire F-class reliability package

We’ve drawn on millions of hours of fleet data and created a solution to keep you running and preserve revenue. In fact, 40% of reported 7F reliability issues could have been prevented with valve and instrumentation upgrades.

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