Reducing the risk of unit trip

Software to enhance Mk Ve and Mk VIe triple modular redundancy (TMR)


  • Avoid 24 – 48-hour valve-failure downtime, possibly extending to a week without spares
  • Extended maintenance and overhaul intervals by 96,000 hours for eGCV/eIGV
  • Avoid $10 – $50K in direct costs per failure, not including lost revenue
  • Performance recovery of ~0.5% output or improved heat-rate
  • Reduced O&M with ~$300K savings in hydraulic valve overhauls, reduced oil filters inventory, no servos needed

Upgrade features

GE’s software enhancements can prevent a single controller in a tripped state from causing your gas turbine to trip.

Here's how we do it:

  • Improved fuel stroke reference (FSR) startup and acceleration schedules to prevent FSR being latched in at a low value
  • Valve oscillation detection algorithm, which allows for opening up the limits on the gas control valve tracking protection
  • All equipment can be installed in a single CI, HGP, or MI outage
  • Pricing includes significant engineering and materials cost synergies

Save time and money with F-class reliability packages

We’ve drawn on millions of hours of fleet data and created a solution to keep you running and preserve revenue. In fact, 40% of reported 7F reliability issues could have been prevented with valve and instrumentation upgrades.

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