Here’s what upgrading can do for you

  • 5.5+ million operating hours of valve experience
  • Optimized system for lift-oil operation, reducing hour-based maintenance on hydraulic pump and motor
  • No servos to worry about and less filters to stock for annual savings of $15,000 to $30,000
  • Energy-efficiency savings of $10,000 to $50,000 per trip or failed start
  • No pipe modifications required with flange-to-flange eGCV and eSRV replacements
  • All equipment can be installed in a single CI, HGP, or MI outage
  • Extended overhaul intervals equaling some 96,000 hours, or up to $300,000 in savings on hydraulic valve overhauls
  • Reduced fire risk due to lack of high-pressure oil in GT compartment
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities to cut down personnel visits to the field

*For 7F and 9F units, controller needs to be Mark Ve or VIe.
  For 9F units, only gas valves can be upgraded to electric models.


Save time and money with F-class reliability packages

We’ve drawn on millions of hours of fleet data and created a solution to keep you running and preserve revenue. In fact, 40% of reported 7F reliability issues could have been prevented with valve and instrumentation upgrades.

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