GE opens the new RM&D center in order to provide better support for 200 power generation assets across 70 power plants in 10 countries.

The challenge

Having to support so many different plants and assets across numerous countries is no easy feat. However, the new RM&D center in Kuala Lumpur will act as a centralized location that’s able to simultaneously monitor all 70 plant locations.

The solution

The new RM&D center is significant for the region because it enables GE to efficiently monitor plants and house over 85 engineering experts that can analyze data in real-time and provide customized solutions.


New RM&D center providing total plant solutions




power plants

reduction in maintenance and repairs cost


As a total plant solutions provider, we are constantly evolving and refining our support capabilities, in line with our customers’ changing business goals and operating environments.

Anders Maltesen

General Manager—Asia-Pacific for GE Gas Power

GE Gas Power has launched a new Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Center (M&D) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, supporting more than 70 power plants, and 200 power generation assets in more than 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The M&D Center features GE’s Fleet360 total plant solution—showcasing GE’s cross-fleet capabilities, resulting in increased performance and reliability.

The M&D Center reinforces GE’s commitment to the region. The state-of-the-art facility is the home to over 85 engineering experts who are analyzing real-time data, diagnosing problems, and providing customized solutions.

“M&D is part of our continued commitment to drive digital transformation in today’s dynamic energy landscape and to develop better services and solutions for our customers in Asia Pacific,” said Anders Maltesen, general manager—Asia-Pacific for GE Gas Power.

The M&D Center, along with the Fleet360 platform, is projected to cut regional maintenance and repair cost by 30 percent. What’s more, GE’s digital solution suite serves as another problem-solving tool engineers can use to deliver maximum performance.

“The continuous operational data flow through M&D keeps the customer sites and engineering teams in constant contact. This creates the ideal platform for better collaboration between our engineers and customers, which facilitates a faster and more complete resolution to the problems faced,” Maltesen added.

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