The Sultan Ibrahim Power Plant (Track 4A) isn't just GE's first 9HA.02 combined cycle power plant in commercial operation, it also has a new distinction: POWER magazine's 2021 Plant of the Year.

The challenge

Steady economic growth in Malaysia has called for a steady increase in power capability. GE Gas Power partnered with Southern Power Generation (SPG) in the city of Pasir Gudang, Johor to meet this energy challenge for the Track 4A power plant—as well as to address the country’s spreading decarbonization effort.

The solution

The 9HA.02 is GE’s most advanced gas turbine in the 50-Hz range. Rated at 575 MW under ISO conditions, it pushes net efficiency beyond 64%. GE integrated two of the units into two of the plant’s single-shaft generating blocks. Now, Southern Power Generation’s Track 4A power plant (Sultan Ibrahim Power Plant) runs on GE’s 9HA.02 combined-cycle heavy-duty gas turbines—an industry-first in commercial operation.


10 million

safe man-hours on the project

1,440 MW

total plant-output capacity

3 million

homes able to benefit from Track 4A


From a longstanding relationship with GE, we trust its HA technology and are proud to see hard work and efficiency achieve the start of GE’s first-ever commercial-operation 9HA.02 gas turbines, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, without having to compromise on health and safety.

Dato’ Haji Nor Azman bin Mufti

Chairman of SPG


Adding to that unique power is an STF-D650 steam turbine driving a W88 generator—and another first for an H-Class plant, GE also installed its Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generator for combined-cycle performance.

Control is provided by GE’s Mark VIe Plant Control System, and is monitored with GE Digital’s Predix* Asset Performance Management software. SPG will also benefit from a 21-year full-spectrum agreement for digital solutions, plant-improvement services, major inspections of the twin 9HA.02 units, and technical advisory services. 

While gas power remains critical for Malaysia’s prosperity, the Ibrahim Power Plant now sees a low cost of gas-to-electricity conversion. Streamlined combustion dynamics allow for 50% hydrogen blends. And, as new forms of power generation and sustainability go hand in hand, GE’s advanced dry low–NOx system features a wide operability range and inherently reduced carbon emissions. 

With over 10 million safe man-hours on the project, and an ultimate combined-cycle gas power of 1,440 MW from GE, Southern Power Generation will support the region's goals for transitioning to a sustainable energy future—one that can power up to three million Malaysian homes.

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See how one of GE’s most advanced gas turbine became the core of a new and unique combined-cycle power plant for Southern Power Generation in Malaysia.

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