Key features and requirements


6B AGP: Key Features

The AGP upgrade involves 9 new HGP capitals. Key highlights of the upgrade include:

  • Laminate sealings and sealing geometry redesign for improved heat rate
  • Advanced blade tip shroud configurations for improved cooling and sealing efficiencies
  • Advanced coating for improved durability
  • Cooling airflow changes for improved efficiency

6B AGP: Requirements

  • Requires a Mark* IV control system or newer
  • Compatible with a wide range of 6B fuels except ash-bearing liquids
  • Applicable to PG6541 or newer models
  • Requires compressor stage 17 protection mitigation

    *Trademark of General Electric
Customer stories

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Cement orders the first 6B AGP technology for the cement industry

In a historic deal that marks the first time GE’s Advanced Gas Path (AGP) solution will strengthen power generation productivity for the cement industry globally, Saudi Cement will upgrade three GE 6B gas turbines at its Hofuf plant to increase capacity by 25 megawatts and efficiency by up to 3.3% per turbine.

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