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Repower with GE’s heavy-duty and aeroderivative gas turbine technology

Repowering your gas turbine involves a full (or flange-to-flange) replacement of an existing gas turbine engine, giving you all the benefits of today’s technology and engineering innovation within the footprint of your existing asset. Our proficiency in flange-to-flange repowering (including plant integration) solutions for heavy-duty, aeroderivative (aero), and industrial gas turbines from different OEMs–including Siemens, Westinghouse, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce–will position your plant to be competitive in the future.

Why repower?

Short-cycle installation within your existing footprint

With more renewable energy sources being added to the global grid, power plants need to operate in an increasingly flexible manner while reducing operating costs and maintaining emissions limits. This is a challenge for aging fleets nearing the end of their operating life. Repowering your gas turbine allows you to upgrade to a more advanced turbine technology that fits within the same footprint as the old one. This can increase plant life by many years and  make better use of your balance-of-plant assets—while improving output, efficiency, and availability. And a repowering can typically be done within the average time of an outage, or as little as 15 days.

A full range of repowering options

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Repower your 6B

Upgrade your 6B gas turbine’s performance


GE’s 6B repowering upgrade improves performance in both gas turbine and combined-cycle operation while maintaining the unit’s reliability and fuel flexibility.

Repower your 7E

An E-class industry leader


With state-of-the-art fuel handling equipment, multi-fuel combustion system options, and advanced gas path features, the 7E gas turbine can accommodate a full range of fuel alternatives while helping to deliver better efficiency and lower emissions than other technologies in its class.

9EMax repowering solution

Upgrade your 9E within the same footprint


Slash OpEx without sacrificing reliability with our 9E four-stage turbine module. The 9EMax can help cut annual fuel costs and unlock significant revenue—all within the same footprint as your existing 9E gas turbine.

Repower with 7F

Proven F-class performer


The 7F technology (7F.04 and 7F.05) is core to GE Gas Power's portfolio of products and services. Its installed base of approximately 950 units is a testament to the engine’s success and customers’ trust to partner with GE to achieve high performance and operational reliability.

Repower your 9F

The largest OEM F-class fleet in the world


Our 9F gas turbine delivers consistent performance and accommodates a diverse range of fuels, making it great for a variety of combined cycle and CHP applications.

Repower with aeroderivative gas turbines

Improved economics with aero repowers


Our aeros are trusted and proven the world over and have a wide range of characteristics that make them a great gas turbine core engine replacement for energy providers.


See how SAICA in Spain worked effectively with GE on a flange-to-flange replacement.

Origin Energy’s Quarantine Power Station worked with GE to keep businesses thriving

Get an inside look at EnergyAustralia’s Hallett Power Station repower project

Customer stories
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Asia
  • Bahamas
view of the city of Belmont, Port of Spain, Trinidad with Green Mountains

Extending the lifetime of Tobago’s Penal Power Station


+26 MW

increased output


years added to asset life


“Replacing the existing gas turbines at the Penal Power Station with GE’s upgraded units will improve our generation efficiency and add value in terms of greater availability by establishing longer intervals between scheduled maintenance outages.”

Fitzroy Harewood

General Manager, PowerGen Ltd.

Project details

After 30 years, Penal Power Station’s gas turbines, rotors and other components were close to the end of their running life. To help avoid new maintenance costs, the Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (PowerGen Ltd.) needed to replace its two existing 7E turbines. GE integrated two new 7E gas turbine units that run on natural gas for PowerGen Ltd. The turbines will potentially improve the heat rate of the plant by 2.25% as well as add 25 – 30 years of life to the site.


New 6B upgrade technology leads to industry-leading performance levels


output increase

$3.5 million

potential annual fuel savings

Project details

In an industry characterized by constant change and technological advances, an industrial chemical facility in Asia needed to find a way to improve production levels. To increase efficiency and output while reducing emissions, GE’s new 6B repowering technology will be utilized on three 6B units. The output increase of 25% is expected to help the customer accelerate the rate of chemical production and could lead to significant fuel savings.

Night view of Kingston Jamaica

Renewed reliability at Jamaica’s Bogue Power Station


power increase with combined repowered turbine and LNG

+20 MW

power-output increase with the LM2500+


“As the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, we see the use of LNG as resulting in greater stability in the price of electricity for our customers. By replacing a 19-year old unit with GE's advanced aeroderivative technology, we’ll be able to deliver more efficient power to our people, our businesses, and our critical facilities.”

Joseph Williams

Senior Vice President of Generation, JPS

Project details

With half of its infrastructure over 30-years old, Jamaica is seeking to modernize its power plants and cut its oil dependency with a diversified energy mix. And, rising connectivity on the island has JPS in need of more capacity for its power stations. Integrating the LM2500+ gas turbine, GE Power Services signed an agreement with JPS to modernize its generation equipment and provide expert advisement at its Bogue Power Station in Montego Bay.

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