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Network Management Software

Introducting MDS NETview MS™ Wireless @ your command
MDS NETview MS is a cost effective, easy to deploy network management solution. It allows remote performance monitoring, fault management, configuration and control of GE MDS equipment and other SNMP enabled devices, reducing network management and maintenance costs.

MDS NETview MS is an integrated set of Network Management tools allowing proactive management of entire GE MDS communications infrastructure. Using industry standard SNMP as the underlying framework for managing GE MDS network devices it provides a simple, intuitive suite of tools to configure network elements, monitor network performance, detect and correct faults quickly.

Using a Gateway2, embedded SNMP agents and embedded webservers, NETview gives full network management and complete element management for all GE MDS networked and transparent radio equipment.

If a user already utilizes SNMP as a management framework, the MDS NETview tool integrates readily into their existing management infrastructure, and augments generic network management functionality with applications specifically geared towards GE MDS network equipment and concepts.

Features and Benefits

  • Network diagnostics for GE MDS and IP products
  • Proactive alarm/fault notification
  • Remote network configuration
  • Capacity Planning and Network performance monitoring
  • Based on industry standard SNMP - easy to integrate
  • Client/Server architecture for remote operator consoles-actionable data anywhere
  • Operator console utilizing Java for platform independence
  • Hierarchical Network Map-Top Level Snapshot of the network
  • Graphical and Tabular displays - simple to use
  • Automatic Network Topology Discovery
  • Manual and automatic² network layout
  • Embedded firmware reprogramming¹
  • Event log upload and viewer¹
  • Configuration File upload and viewer¹
  • Configuration and Diagnostics Wizards²
  • Network Provisioning²

    Configuration Diagrams


    ¹ Available for networked products only (LEDR, iNET, Proxy Gateway)
    ² Available in future release