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Gas-Insulated Substations B65
Learning & Development
Technical Training for Protection & Control and
Substation Automation Solutions

GE’s portfolio of Protection & Control and Substation Automation learning and development courses feature a wide variety of integrated and flexible programs taught across multiple platforms. The courses create an ideal environment for students to learn about GE’s Protection & Control and Substation Automation products, services and solutions offerings, and to build upon their knowledge to create integrated systems capability.

Learning & Development Portfolio

GE’s Protection & Control and Substation Automation learning and development portfolio encompasses variety of training platforms to provide flexibility for self-paced learning and more formal training needs.

  • Self-paced e-learning with training videos and how-to videos
  • Virtual classroom sessions (remote learning)
  • Learning and certification programs
  • On-demand courses, standard or custom, at your facility or GE’s Learning Centers

Courses taught in GE’s Learning Centers feature state-of-the-art technology and learning material, providing students with a rich learning experience using smart boards, hands-on workshop equipment, telepresence and digital device technologies. Many courses are now offered on tablet devices to provide interactive learning, with more being added.

Virtual Courses
Learning Programs
Customized Learning

Virtual Courses

Each Virtual Course uses e-learning self-paced course work, virtual class sessions and on-line testing/assessment of what you have learned. These courses follow our tier 1 and 2 course structures as outlined below, and are prerequisites for any of our workshop sessions.


Course structure tier 1 and 2

Virtual Classroom arrow test arrow Virtual Classroom arrow test
Virtual Classroom   eLearning   Test   Virtual Classroom   Test
  • Getting started and setting expectation session
  • Student complete self-pace course work
  • Uses e-learn playlist
  • Course work testing of knowledge
  • Interactive learning
  • Walk through e-learn content
  • Demonstration activities
  • Group discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • Final program testing
  • Course certificate


Course tools

Virtual Classroom     test  
Virtual Classroom   eLearning   Test   Collaboration
  • Classes can be run for a minimum of 8 persons and subject to content can be run from groups up to 25.
  • These are interactive sessions using GE video conferencing technology, all you need is a good Internet connection, computer, web cam and microphone.
  • e-learning modules are video based learning they are compiled into playlists for courses, with links provided.
  • Watch and learn as we take you on a step by step journey through the subject, all that is needed is an Internet connection.
  • All our paid courses offer student assessment and testing.
  • Successful completion leads to issuance of a certificate that provides course abstract, level of attainment and number of learning hours.
  • Enter our course collaboration tool, communicate with your instructor and your peers.
  • Have questions ask, see a question you know the answers to, share. The aim is to learn together.

Learning Programs

Learning programs follow our tier 3 and 4 course structures as outlined below, and blend together e-learning, virtual classroom sessions and face-to-face workshops. All elements have on-line assessment testing. To attend you must have completed all the prerequisites needed.


Course structure tier 3 and 4

Virtual Classroom arrow and test arrow Virtual Classroom arrow Virtual Classroom and test arrow test
Virtual Class #1   eLearning   Testing   Virtual Class #2   Workshop   Testing   Virtual Class #3
  • Getting started & setting expectation session
  • Student complete self-pace course work and knowledge testing
  • Discuss progress , Q&A session & plan for workshop
  • 5 day Instructor led training
  • coursework testing
  • Final program test
  • Wrap up final Q&A etc.


Key attributes:

  • Build on the content learned in the virtual class offerings and move into system integration of GE products to create customer solutions.
  • Both the Essentials and Advanced course follow this model with the advanced course building on the essentials course activities to build more complex solutions.
  • Both courses starts with an initial virtual class session. This is then followed with e-learning coursework and testing, leading to a second virtual classroom session and then a hands-on face to face workshop. We will conclude with a final test and a final virtual class to close out the course.
  • The aim of the final virtual session is to allow students time to reflect on the course and ask any question they might have about the course and its content.
  • Throughout the course students are encouraged to collaborate with the instructor and their peers through the collaboration tool.
  • Its all about learning, it is much more than a training course!

Certification Programs

Our certification program is designed to recognize students as being skilled in the use of GE’s Protection & Control and Substation Automation products, and the application of those products, i.e. creating solutions! Each learning thread is a collection of technical learning undertaken to achieve an overall skill attainment which we recognize through our certification program.

For each learning element, credits are issued for successful completion. Completing all element leads to certification. These credits also equate to the number of hours expended to achieve successful completion and can be used with other professional organizations to show continuous professional development.

By completing a thread you reach Bronze level, by completing other threads you can reach Silver, Gold and then Platinum level. Each is recognized in your certification status and provides you with entry to our learning portal where you will have access to all our learning content/programs and receive regular updates from the Learning and Development team.

To maintain certification, students are expected to complete a two year recertification assessment and attend any further advanced learning offerings that we make available.

Customized Learning

To better suit the needs of your business, course customization has been designed to allow you with the flexibility of customizing your own program. Both customized and standard course offerings can be delivered at one of our Learning Centers or at a location of your choice. Our product training courses comfortably accommodates a learning audience of 12.

How does it work?

Begin with selecting a combination of Product Training and Lab modules as shown below. Customized programs must meet the minimum of six modules which is the equivalent of three business days with a class size of 8-12 participants.

Use our Protection & Control or Substation Automation custom course configurator to structure your course and get an instant quote. Contact your Grid Automation sales representative.

Example of the Protection & Control custom course configurator

Customized Learning