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Services for Instrument Transformers

Internal dielectric strength degradation is the main risk affecting the lifetime performance of an instrument transformer. Contributing to 70% of the failures, it can ultimately cause a fire or explosion that can damage nearby high voltage assets. The degradation can be due to overheating, short circuit, oil leakage from gasket deterioration caused by tough environmental conditions, or the humidity contained in oil-impregnated cellulose insulation. An efficient maintenance plan customized to the type and age of the instrument transformers fleet limits its premature aging and reduces the cost of ownership.

GE provides a full fleet performance management service to assess, secure and maintain high voltage instrument transformers at high performance.

These services, performed by local trained and certified field service engineers with support of regional experts, allow fast response time and cost effective service for optimized customer asset availability and life time.

Asset Lifecycle Management
GE Advantage
Maintenance & Repair
Modernization & Extension
Technical Training

Asset Lifecycle Management Services

Maximize the life cycle of instrument transformers

Maximizing instrument transformers’ life cycle performance.

Site inspection

  • Visual, functional inspections
  • Infrared thermography
  • Standard protocol for condition data collection
  • Data checks, diagnostics and advisory service by GE experts

Oil analysis Learn More

  • Oil sampling
  • Oil analysis by experts in GE laboratories or by a local partner
  • Dissolved gas analysis on standard gases and complementary ones including oil quality, dielectric breakdown voltage, furans, moisture, and acidity
  • Report including remedial actions and condition severity as per IEEE® or IEC® standards

Flexible service agreements providing GE's specialized expertise Learn More

GE Advantage

GE supports customers’ targets for minimum equipment failure rates while maximizing employees’ safety by leveraging its expertise to provide services that optimize cost and asset lifetime.

Optimize cost and asset lifetime

Cost optimization

  • Increased equipment availability with condition based maintenance
  • Optimized frequency of interventions
  • Instrument transformer fleets better managed to avoid premature replacement that requires adaptation and civil work

Extended lifetime

  • Expanded instrument cell lifetime up to 10 years with refurbishment
  • Reduced risk of explosion with an accurate diagnosis of equipment condition based on oil analysis

Proven expertise

  • GE services 400,000+ high voltage instrument transformers installed worldwide
  • More than 50 years of experience in instrument transformers fleet management and oil analysis

Maintenance & Repair

Maximize the life cycle of circuit breakers
Watch video  Digital Technology For Field Interventions

Maximizing the life cycle performance Instrument transformers.

Preventive maintenance on powered equipment

  • Regular visual inspection coupled with infrared thermography to identify oil leakage and hotspots

Condition assessment

  • Humidity level in the cellulose evaluation through oil analysis and infrared thermography
  • Results analysis and recommendation for arbitrage between maintenance and replacement by GE experts

Spare parts management Brochure

  • Spare part kit dedicated to each design of oil-filled high voltage instrument transformers
  • Strategic spare parts stock for critical or phased out equipment

Modernization & Extension

Modernize and extend with custom engineered solutions

Leveraging GE’s technical expertise to provide custom engineered solutions

Modernization (retrofit and upgrade) to solve obsolescence of ageing equipment

  • Upgrade with humidity regulation solution: membrane replacement by either metallic cell and addition of molecular sieve in oil
  • Upgrade with optical sensors


Extension with additional bays for evolving network needs

  • Turnkey solutions for air-insulated substation extensions

Technical Training

know-how and productivity with technical training

Enhance your team’s know-how and productivity with technical training.

Comprehensive training methodologies

  • E-learning
  • Modular training
  • Software training
  • Competence development training
  • Educational partnership

Complete scope for all employees

  • Electrical safety and environmental risk prevention
  • Applicable for power transformers, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, gas-insulated switchgear and HVDC systems
  • Protection and control systems
  • Network management solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Grid modernization solutions for the smart grid