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Protect your critical electrical infrastructure
with GE Cybersecurity Solutions

With the rapid digitalization of the grid, utility, power generation and industrial operators require cybersecurity solutions to monitor and protect grid asset and systems from increased severity and frequency of cyber attacks. GE adopted a “defense in depth” approach, providing innovative cybersecurity solutions designed to increase operational integrity, comply with regulations and control costs of security.

Rely on a robust cybersecurity partner

At GE, we place multiple layers of security controls throughout our systems and a security by design approach into our products, systems and solutions. It enables us and our customers to be proactively protected against and respond to a dynamic cyber threat landscape.

  • Long-standing experience in OT cybersecurity
    Long-standing experience in OT cybersecurity
    Long-standing experience in OT cybersecurity

    GE started the development of a compliant eco-system since cybersecurity requirements were added to NERC CIP standard

  • Power Grid and Industrial control systems expertise
    Power grid and industrial control systems expertise
    Power grid and industrial control systems expertise

    With over a century of OEM experience, GE installed 50,000+ substation automation systems and 3M+ protection and control relays globally

  • Comprehensive integration capabilities
    Comprehensive integration capabilities
    Comprehensive integration capabilities

    GE's cybersecurity solutions facilitate the integration of GE and other OEM equipment using standard protocols including LDAP, RADIUS and SYSLOG

  • Involvement in international Cyber Organizations
    Involvement in international cyber organizations
    Involvement in international cyber organizations

    GE's cybersecurity matter experts actively participate in CIGRE and IEC working groups developing today and future standards

  • Certified solutions and process
    Certified solutions and processes
    Certified solutions and processes

    GE's Grid Solutions protection, automation and control solutions are certified IEC62443-3-3 and the integration process is certified IEC62443-2-4

Secured Products and Solutions

GE brings state of the art cybersecurity features to our protection and control relays, SCADA HMI, substation gateways and network devices. Our products are designed with a defense in depth approach, covering NIST's identification, detection, prevention, respond and recover functions, allowing our customers to comply to NERC CIP, NESA IAS and EU NIS directive.

Our technology team follows an IEC62443-4-1 certified secure development lifecycle process to ensure that security present at every stage of the design, and our protection relays manufacturing plants are certified ISO27001 to maintain security at the manufacturing stage.

GE monitors threats and vulnerabilities are regularly published product security advisories and security updates. Our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) can be reached at www.GEGridSolutions.com/security to report vulnerabilities.

products and services

Holistic Approach to Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity

We are committed. GE's Grid Solutions Protection, Automation and Control solutions are certified IEC62443-4-1 and the
integration process is certified IEC62443-2-4

Key Features:

  • Centralized users, roles, and password management
  • Centralized logging of security events through SYSLOG
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Network segregation with VLANs and Firewalls
  • centralized anti malware management
  • Security updates

Key Benefits:

  • Increased security with multi layered approach
  • Interoperability with use of standard protocols
  • Faster incident response with enhanced monitoring capabilities
  • Assists in compliance for regulatory and international standards, such as NERC Business
holistic approach
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Optimizing cybersecurity posture improvements
with a 4 steps process

Our services include a comprehensive portfolio of methods and tools to quickly improve cybersecurity without the need to change your process. Based on major security frameworks such as NIST, NERC CIP, DoE, and IEC62443, our solutions lie on top of the industry standard security approach.

Our cybersecurity team works with you to identify the target outcomes in a security assessment workshop. The process starts with understanding the current situation, identifying threat scenarios, existing mitigation measures and risks. Risk reduction measures are then identified and grouped in a security roadmap. The solution can include various tools and processes focused on fast deployment and outage reduction. The system is then monitored for the system's life.

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Customer Engagement Journey Steps

Cybersecurity Certified Products and Processes

GE's Grid Solutions’ commits to deliver a robust cybersecurity strategy to protect electrical utilities, power generation and industrial customers from threats.

iec and iecee badge

IEC 62443-2-4
Secure Service Provider Process Certification

GE's Grid Solutions has achieved the IEC 62443-2-4 certification as per the International Electrotechnical Commission (standard) for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) Certification Body Scheme.

The certification ensures that GE follows cybersecurity best practices as defined by the standard when we plan, design and execute Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) projects.
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