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Intelligent Digital Substation

Intelligent Digital Substation Embrace the digital future and unlock more value
from your substations and connected assets

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Increasing asset adaptability and maintaining system reliability while reducing material and labor costs is a critical balancing act and reality for many substation managers. A diminishing skilled workforce adds to the complexity.
A digital substation may be the key to meeting many of these challenges.

What is a digital substation?

At its core, a digital substation focuses on converting binary status and analog measured data into digital data - reliably and seamlessly. This makes data easier to transmit and share between devices and substations in real time, so it can be better utilized, processed and acted upon.

What can it do?

reduce capex

Reduce CAPEX by eliminating duplicated hardware (CT, VT are no longer required)

reduce engineering work

Reduce engineering work through simplified system drawings

improved safety

Improve workforce safety (miles of copper wires are replaced with fiber-optic cables)

remote commissioning

Easier, faster and remote commissioning / testing

Reduced substation footprint

Reduce substation footprint by up to 50% through a smaller control room

Improved system reliability

Improve system reliability through increased situational awareness and asset utilization

Gain actionable intelligence and unlock new values of your substation data

  • Interoperability of devices from different vendors through industry standard communication protocols (IEC 61850)
  • Increased system and asset awareness and proactive monitoring which in turn ensures greater system resilience
  • Lower cost of ownership through asset monitoring and optimized grid operation
  • Standardization of processes and procedures across various substations using IEC 61850
  • Flexibility to deploy new applications and ability to unlock new revenue streams

Getting ready for tomorrow

A digital substation isn't built in a day. The journey typically begins with the upgrade of a single analog relay to a multi-function digital device.

With more than 6 years of experience, across 27 countries to deliver more than 100 digital substation (process bus) projects, our experts have been working with utilities and industries to plan, design and implement these advanced solutions.

We work with your teams to build the skills and expertise you need. And as your organization's digital expertise grows, so will the benefits - enabling the transition toward a fully digital tomorrow.


Take a virtual tour to see how digitization is applied at the
switchyard and process bus layer of a substation.

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