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Digital Data Collection

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A Suite of Digital Technologies to Collect Data

The collection of required asset condition data from the field on a large scale for GE and 3rd party electrical equipment is a key step in building a robust Asset Performance Management strategy. Grid Services specialists are constantly evaluating and implementing new innovative inspection technologies applying strict processes and methods. The digital inspections methods are designed to improve the efficiency of data collection, oil analysis and online monitoring. All new approaches to capture data are integrated into the EnergyAPM ecosystem for automatic data transfer.

Putting your data to work with
GE's multi-disciplinary team of consulting experts

GE offers a stepped approach focusing first on existing available data identification and standardization, prior to the implementation of selected data collection solutions providing quality data and rapid results. The GE consulting team is composed of engineers specialized in the required domains to deliver optimized solutions customized to your application:

  • Product Reliability Engineers

    Product Reliability Engineers
    Assess the existing asset data collected and recommend new digital data collection based on criticality, age and operational environment

  • Telecommunications Engineers

    Telecommunications Engineers
    Evaluate data standardization needs and propose a safe data exchange architecture

  • APM Specialists

    APM Specialists
    Help to define the Asset Performance Management (APM) system taxonomy and harmonize it with the other enterprise applications

Connected Worker

Site inspections are supported by a well-defined methodology resulting from decades of experience in servicing power equipment and by a set of advanced digital tools ensuring data quality and rapid troubleshooting. GE field workers are connected:

Connected Worker

GE’s Field Inspection Tool (EnergyAPM FIT) is a tablet application designed by T&D maintenance specialists supporting safe, efficient and high-quality inspections.

  • Standardized and normalized data are automatically shared in real time across the organization, minimizing administrative work and risk of error.
  • Combined with the back-office application and a wide library of templates for various asset types, the inspection form library can be adapted to a specific application, dispatch work and rapidly generate reports.
  • EnergyAPM FIT is an option of the GE Asset Performance Management program enriching EnergyAPM models and analytics.
GE's mobile Field Inspection Tool

Oil Analysis for Transformers and Instrument Transformers

GE’s Grid Services partners with T&D operators and industrials to select only the support options they need. Our field experienced specialists will consider asset criticality, fleet size, location, in-house capabilities, system complexity and business profile to build with you the partnership achieving your goals.


Advanced Non-Intrusive Inspections for GIS, Transformer and Circuit Breakers

Technologies are available to assess various components without the need to open the asset reducing outage time and risks.

Methods include:

Digital X-ray

Online Monitoring for Critical Asset

When certain equipment is critical to the performance of the substation, periodic visits and site inspections may not be sufficient. Online condition monitoring devices brings the real-time data back to EnergyAPM for condition assessment, predictive and alert mechanisms in order to minimize unplanned outages and avoid major repair costs or collateral damages.