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HVDC Systems

Connecting Renewable Energy and Power Grids for a Sustainable Future

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) systems enable utilities to move more power further, efficiently integrate renewables, interconnect grids, and improve network performance. HVDC systems utilize power electronics technology to convert AC and DC voltage and are ideal for supporting existing systems or building new power highways.

GE is globally recognized for designing, manufacturing and delivering customized HVDC solutions for utilities worldwide. With over 130 years of pioneering experience, GE offers two HVDC technologies, Line Commutated Converters (LCC) and Voltage Source Converters (VSC), to support a broad range of applications and deployable in different schemes including overhead line (point to point), back to back, submarine/land cable and offshore.

Every HVDC solution is tailored and designed based on a project-by-project assessment of the customers' individual requirements, whether it's for connecting offshore wind generation, long distance power transmission, or energy trading between independent networks.

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What is HVDC

HVDC Technologies

  • Voltage Source Converter (VSC)
    VSC technology

    Voltage Source Converter is a newer technology based on power transistors with a reduced footprint compared to LCC technology. VSC is an ideal technology for submarine/land cable interconnection, integrating renewables, offshore and urban infeed applications.

    VSC is available as point to point, back to back, submarine/land cable and offshore schemes.

  • Line Commutated Converter (LCC)
    LCC technology

    Line Commutated Converters Line Commutated Converter is a mature cost effective HVDC technology based on thyristor power semiconductors, which enables the bulk transfer of power of up to 8 GW with low losses and inherent DC fault protection.

    LCC is available as point to point overhead line and submarine/land cable and is ideally suited for back to back schemes.

eLuminaTM HVDC Control System

GE’s Most Advanced Digital Control System for HVDC Applications

GE’s latest fully-digital industrial HVDC Control System is designed to enable utilities to efficiently move more power further with a higher degree of controllability, thus improving power quality and maximizing overall grid performance. Built using GE’s proven technology, with fully redundant systems and state-of-the-art software, eLumina delivers a reliable, high-performance platform consisting of:

HVDC Valves

MaxSineTM, GE’s Most Advanced HVDC Valve

Utilizing cutting-edge technological advancements, GE has developed its most advanced MAXSINE valve specifically to address the complex challenges of the grid.

MaxSine is a Modular Multi-Level Converter (MMC) consisting of multiple submodules connected in series to form a “chain-circuit”. With this topology, quasi-sinusoidal voltage waveforms can be created and no filter is required for connection to the grid.

HVDC Valve Brochure

HVDC Interactive Explorer

Explore and interact to learn about GE’s HVDC solutions to provide utilities with efficient transfer of power, improved power quality, and improved grid performance

HVDC interactive explorer

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Delivering Advanced HVDC Projects Globally

GE has designed, delivered and supports an installed HVDC capacity of more than 35 GW globally in a broad range of applications and environments. The below details are a selected representation of HVDC projects.

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  • A New Power Highway Through The Alps To Build Europe’s Energy Grid

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  • Transmitting Power and Controlling Voltage with HVDC in Sweden

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  • Delivering Efficient Energy Highways in India

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GE is globally recognized for designing, manufacturing and delivering customized HVDC solutions for utilities worldwide.

Over 130 Years of HVDC Innovation and Experience

History of GE's HVDC
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