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The MDS SCADAcrypt™ adds state-of-the-art encryption to your serial data radio telemetry or wireless SCADA network. It may be used for point-to-point, or point-to-multipoint links. Provides solid security to the device and/or to the host for GE MDS wireless serial systems.

The MDS SCADAcrypt™ may be added to any EIA-232 interfaced radio system and installed at your own pace. When all units are installed, a single command from the master turns on the encryption system wide. The user inteface is WebServer based and password protected. Any computer with ethernet and a web browser may be used.

Protect your critical system and data today, with state-of-the art AES encryption from GE MDS.

Features and Benefits

  • AES 256 bit encryption - US Government Standard
  • Industrial rated –40° to +70°C
  • Small Size, 4.25” x 5.5” x 1.6”
  • DB-9 serial ports, Cleartext and encrypted
  • Up to 57.6 kbps
  • Bypass mode for ease of installation/ cutover
  • Ethernet management port password protected
  • 9 VDC @ 200 mA, AC adapter included.
  • Compatible with common protocols including MODBUS
  • Typical Latency (Delay) = 30 ms @ 9600 bps

  • Point-to-point applications
  • Point-to-multipoint applications
  • Wireless SCADA networks
  • Wireless Serial Telemetry application