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Measurement, Recording & Time Sync

GE offers a full measurements portfolio for digital substations covering fault recording (DFR), PMU, transducers and power quality analyzers. GE’s Reason and Bitronics Digital fault recorders allow analysis of power system fault waveforms, power quality issues and network oscillations which could threaten grid stability. Traveling Wave Fault Location pinpoints the location of a fault on a transmission line for precise dispatching of maintenance crews. Phasor Measurement Units measure and communicate real-time power system vector quantities for use in stability and wide area automation schemes.

Generator protection Measurement & Digital Fault RecordersPowerful equipment for monitoring, recording and analysis of electric power systems. Generator protection
Transmission Protection Time SynchronizationSubstation GPS clocks are the precision time references across a power grid, synchronizing protection and control devices. Transmission Protection
Network Stability & Control Networking SolutionsProviding IEC 61850 network with flexibility, reliability and robustness in the interconnection of IEDs and precision in synchronization. Network Stability & Control