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Multilin C30 Controller System
Multilin UR protection and control relay platform The Multilin C30 controller system is a programmable logic controller for performing substation or bay automation that can also be used for expanding the I/O capability of protection devices and replacing Sequence of Event (SOE) recorders. The C30 provides fast deterministic execution of programmable logic with I/O capabilities far above an average protection relay.

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Multilin C60 Breaker Protection System
Multilin UR protection and control relay platform The Multilin C60 breaker protection system is a substation hardened controller that provides a complete integrated package for the protection, control, and monitoring of circuit breakers. The C60 supports dual-breaker busbar configurations such as breaker-and-a-half or ring bus arrangements. Signals from up to 4 sets of CT�s can be brought into the C60 for internal summation.

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Multilin C70 Capacitor Bank Protection & Control System
Multilin UR protection and control relay platform The Multilin C70 is an integrated protection, control, and monitoring device for shunt capacitor banks based on the well established and proven UR relay platform of GE Multilin. The C70 provides both the bank and system protection schemes for shunt capacitor bank protection. The current and voltage-based protection functions provide sensitive protection for grounded, ungrounded single, and parallel capacitor banks and banks with taps.

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Multilin P30 Synchrophasor Data Concentrator
P30 Synchrophasor Data Concentrator Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued. Please contact us to discuss alternatives.The Multilin P30 PDC comes equipped with as many as 40 PMU inputs, up to 8 individually configurable C37.118 outputs and an incredibly fast recording capability of up to 120 frames per second. The built-in historian processor is capable of securely recording and archiving up to 100,000 values per second, sufficiently supporting the NERC PRC-002 standard.

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Multilin N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System
Multilin UR protection and control relay platform Load shedding, remedial action and special protection schemes. The N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System, a member of the UR Family of protection relays, is a flexible device intended for either the development of special protection schemes and/or serving synchrophasor data. The N60 delivers PMU data as per the latest version of the standard IEEE C37.118 (2011) with a sampling rate of up to 120Hz and supports multicast synchrophasors as per the newest IEC61850-90-5.

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MiCOM Agile P847 Phasor Measurement Unit
Agile P847 Phasor Measurement Unit The P847 Phasor Measurement Unit forms part of GE�s system monitoring and control. The device is used to measure power system data in real time and report to the PDC (Phasor Data Concentrator) for visualization, data storage and most importantly for running a variety of �on line� and �off line� applications in systems analysis and control. The ultimate goal is to run the system economically and preserve system stability following major disturbances.

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