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The Grid Modernization Journal
The Grid Modernization Journal is a quarterly publication that targets protection engineers. The Journal presents compilations of white papers and customer co-authored stories to a growing base of over 10,000 subscribers. Each issue features a
new theme that addresses the unique challenges of the changing power system protection and control landscape. Advertising space is available to 3rd party vendors. Please contact us today to order the Grid Modernization Journal.

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Current Issue

The new focus on grid modernization efforts has been enabled by the introduction of cost effective new technologies to sense, communicate, analyze, and predict, providing operational awareness of the power system and its connected assets.

Previously known as the Protection & Control Journal, this inaugural issue of The Grid Modernization Journal takes a broader look at the primary equipment, intelligent devices and sensors, automated controllers, and grid management tools that are now become ubiquitous with our modern grid. From monitoring and trending transformer oil temperature and estimating remaining life using advanced multi-gas monitoring to substation automation and digitization across utility and industrial applications, we explore and discuss some of the very technologies being piloted and deployed throughout power systems around the world.

Featured Articles- Integrated Systems and Social Media to Improve Grid Reliability and Customer Satisfaction
- Field Results From an Integrated On-Line Transformer Tank and Bushing Monitoring System
- Online Management of Aging Transformers Using Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy
- Distributed Bus Protection Application in a Platform for Process Bus Deployment in the Smart
- Distribution Automation - System Design Considerations
- Fully Monitoring Protection and Control Systems

Previous Issues of Protection & Control Journal

Building Blocks for Power System Protection & Automation

Featured Articles- Tieline Controls in Microgrid Applications
- Windfarm System Protection Using Peer-to-Peer Communications
- Distance Relay Fundamentals
- Application Considerations in System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
- The Evolution of Distribution
- Detection of Incipient Faults in Underground Medium Voltage Cables
- Justifying Distribution Automation
- Replenishing the Aging Work Force in the Power Industry
- Substation Automation Hybrid
- Secure Substation Automation for Operations & Maintenance
- Enhanced Algorithm for Motor Rotor Broken Bar Detection
- Reducing Arc Flash Risk with the Application of Protective Relays
- An Industrial Power System Management for High Quality Uninterrupted Power Supply at Tata Steel


Communications for the Smart Grid

Featured Articles - Implementing Lockout Function with IEC 61850 Communications Based P&C
- Improvements in Power System Integrity Protection Schemes
- Stimulus Funds and the Smart Grid: The First Thing We Need to Rebuild is
  Our Approach
- Distribution Substation Automation in Smart Grid
- Communication for the Smart Grid
- Application of Digital Radio for Distribution Pilot Protection and Other Applications
- Fault Locator Based on Line Current Differential Relay Synchronized
- Distribution System Feeder Overcurrent Protection
- Work Process Management: Integrating Complex Work Processes Across
  Utility Operations
- Case Study - CenterPoint Energy Links Electricity and Communications to Create
  a Smart Grid


Smart Grid | The Road Ahead

Featured Articles - Smart Grid: The Road Ahead
- Developing the Smart Grid Business Case
- Key Smart Grid Applications
- Implementing Smart Grid Communications
- IEC 61850 Communication Networks and Systems in Substations
- Application of Phasor Measurement Units for Disturbance Recording
- An Enterprise Information Architecture Based on SOA Enables a Smarter Grid
- The Evolution of Distribution
- A Paradigm Shift in Protection, Control and Substation Automation Strategy
- Enhanced Security and Dependability in Process Bus Protection Systems
- AEP - Process Bus Replaces Copper
- The Digital World and Electrical Power Supply


IEC 61850 Edition

Featured Articles - Design & Implementation of an Industrial Facility Islanding and Load Shed System
- Business Considerations in the Design of Next Generation Protection & Control
- An Architecture and System for IEC 61850 Process Bus
- Advantages of IEC61850 Process Bus Over Copper-Based P&C Installations
- Detection of Incipient Faults in Underground Medium Voltage Cables
- Using 6-Sigma Methodology to Review System Security
- Security Architecture for IEC 61850-9-2
- Testing & Commissioning Protection & Control Systems Based On IEC 61850
  Process Bus
- Scalability of IEC 61850 Process Bus Solutions


Security Edition

Featured Articles - NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection: Cyber Asset Protection
- Inside the Cyber-Security Perimeter
- Application Considerations in System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
- Tieline Controls in Microgrid Applications
- Security Aspects Of Communications To Substations
- Practical Considerations for Security
- Cyber Security Issues for Protective Relays
- Engineering Quick Tip: Enhancing your Systems Security


Featured Articles - Transmission Line Protection Principles
- Fundamentals of Adaptive Protection of Large Capacitor Banks
- Implementation and Performance of Synchrophasor Function within
  Based Relays
- Application of Modern Relays to Dual-Breaker Line Terminals
- A Utility’s Experience in the Implementation of Substation Automation Projects
- Wireless Radio Application Guide
- Protection Basics: Introduction to Symmetrical Components


Featured Articles - Redundancy Considerations in Medium Voltage Distribution Systems
- Application of Phasor Measurement Units for Disturbance Recording
- Status on the First IEC61850-Based Protection and Control Project
- Windfarm System Protection Using Peer-to-Peer Communications
- Phase Angle Regulating Transformers
- Setting Transformer Differential Inrush Restraint
- Motor Protection Principles
- Setting a Motor Management Relay for Cyclic Load Application


Featured Articles - Innovative Distribution Feeder Protection
- Improving Data Throughput on a Wireless IED Network
- Secure Substation Automation
- Addressing Window Type Transformer Proximity Errors
- Transformer Protection Principles
- Self-Adaptive Generator Protection Methods
- Distance Relay Fundamentals
- A World of Standards


Featured Articles - Rebirth of the Phase Comparison Line Protection Principle
- Motor Thermal Model Protection Applications
- Synchrophasors: Definition, Measurement, and Application
- Wide Area Special Protection Scheme
- Applying Digital Line Current Differential Relays Over Pilot Wires
- Commissioning and Testing Complex Busbar Protection Schemes


Featured Articles - CT Saturation in Industrial Applications (Analysis and Application Guidelines)
- High Impedance Fault Detection on Distribution Feeders
- Design and Implementation Of Wide Area Special Protection Schemes
- IEC 61850 - A Practical Application Primer for Protection Engineers and Aging
- Practical Solutions with Modern Relays to Avoid Catastrophic Failures